Friederike Eppen

Currently available for independent contract work.

Check out many successful projects in my experience.


Most of our tasks these days are done over email, virtual conferences, and telephone calls; quality work doesn't have to be on-site.

Throughout my history of experience working in international co-operation projects and my posts in regional offices, I have been working with people across borders and time zones. Proper coordinatation and communication is no problem, if properly planned for. In a typical project, we will be in frequent contact over Skype, email, and elephone. I typically deliver weekly progress reports to my clients.


On-site work to accompany specific processes will be necessary for the success of some projects.

Even though most of the work today can happen virtually over the internet through email and online meetings, some tasks require to me be on-site in order to achieve a successful outcome. Being present in person is important when beginning a new partnership or setting up a new project. For project durations up to one month, I'm available to travel to your site.

The details

If you have read this far, you're probably interested in working together. Send me an email at .